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CollegeThoughts is proud to present The Real World Leadership Summit:  a one-week game-changing leadership conference that will transform the lives of 150 talented students.

Participating students will spend seven days on a top college campus.  They will be immersed in a highly action-oriented program with world-class speakers, bond with like-minded peers in fun and stimulating settings, and leave ready to take action after engaging in sessions that will walk them through the stages of high school success, college readiness, career exploration and preparation and leadership in the real world.  Here are just a few things that students will learn during The Real World Leadership Camp:

  • What They Don’t Teach About Success In Your Career – This session will lay the foundation and equip students to learn how to navigate the corporate and competitive work environments from their first internships.  They will learn skills about how to identify hidden resources, create and cultivate their own networks and learn and master the language of their industry of interest.
  • Leaders, Learners and Game Changers – This session will equip students with the core skills about how to  impact the social causes that matter most to them, leaving them understanding how to make lasting impacts on the causes that they care about.  They will be challenged to envision, create and implement meaningful action plans
  • Telling Your Story – Good grades no longer guarantee admission to elite colleges.  Students need high quality assistance in navigating the rapidly shifting landscape.  You’ll gain specific strategies for writing the essay that leaves admissions officers dying to read the rest of your application.

This program is unlike any other.

  • Participants won’t just be thinking about what to do next to prepare for college applications or their careers – they will know how to stand out from the crowd
  • Participants won’t just network – they will create life long bonds with speakers and their peers
  • Participants won’t just dream about possible changes that they can make – they will leave seeing the differences that their work has already started

Signs that you might be the student for this program

  • Curiosity – you are a seeker of knowledge and inherently curious about how to improve your leadership skills
  • Servant Leader – You are inspirational to others and want to make a lasting impact
  • Willing to take risks – You are willing to face obstacles and learn how to use the lessons learned to best prepare you for your future
  • A generous spirit – it’s not about just getting.  You want to give back to others
  • A positive outlook – Even when it’s tough, there is always a silver lining
  • Genuine interest in building potentially long-term relationships with your peers and other industry leaders

So what are you waiting for?  Join us in the Real World!



College Boot Camp is a unique one-week intensive preparation for the college application process for high school juniors and seniors that actually visits top colleges while preparing students to apply.

CollegeThoughts has over fifteen years of experience helping students maximize their performance on standardized testing and presenting their most authentic selves in applications to the nation’s top colleges. CECAAL has been providing college tours for 28 years. Together, we’ve designed an exploration of the college process like no other. For our second Boot Camp experience, we are searching nationwide for the students who will most benefit from this unique experience.

This program is designed to give you a complete overview of the college application process in just one week. Participants will visit and tour six of the nation’s top colleges and hear from professors at those same institutions, sometimes in a simulated classroom setting and other times in a more general forum.  We will eat lunch in student dining spaces to give participants a taste of the student dining experience.  Then, in the afternoon, we will spend time intensively going over the most important elements of the college application process.  Participants will take a crash course in both the SAT and ACT, learning the most important skills to improve their testing scores and how to select which test is likely to be best for them.  They will also work with the boot camp staff to brainstorm ideas for what to share in response to application questions and develop drafts of college essays.  Students will even spend time learning how to start an effective scholarship search.  Because of the rigor of the schedule during the week, 40 dedicated students will be selected to participate in this ambitious endeavor. Students from last year’s inaugural boot camp were admitted to Yale, Columbia, the University of Pennsylvania among other great institutions!

This year, we will feature a new program that will visit top colleges in the South, a section of the country that students have expressed interest in visiting. Since there are so few spaces available for the Boot Camp this year, students are asked to sign up quickly. Here’s an overview of where this year’s Boot Camp will go:

    • College Boot Camp South Sunday, Aug 11 – Saturday, Aug 17: University of Pennsylvania, Haverford College, Georgetown University, University of Virginia, Duke University and Hampton University along with a fun day at Kings Dominion

The tour costs include motorcoach transportation departing from, and returning to, Philadelphia, lodging in all-suite hotels, two meals per day, tour materials, and admission to the amusement park. If you require assistance in making your travel plans for departure from Philadelphia, please feel free to reach out about our pre- and post-departure arrangements. We welcome students from small towns and large cities, different ethnic, racial, socio-economic, religious backgrounds and with varied talents, interests, and experiences. Participants must be entering Grade 11 or 12 in September 2019.