Methods of Success

CollegeThoughts uses a proprietary methodology developed through 20 years of working to assist the target demographic, combining lessons in test preparation, application coaching and mental toughness to cause students to see that they have the capacity and grit to matriculate to top colleges. Our holistic approach looks at the entire life of the student, helping each to create the proper narrative to effectively tell their story.

We increase access by giving essential advice about finding the right places to apply, creating a concentrated framework for the application work, and then constructing the best package for admission for each student. Our students have attended all eight Ivy League schools and a host of other selective colleges nationwide. And without having to purchase a comprehensive package of services, you can determine which of our services you would like to engage to make an impact on your process. Our focus is all on YOU!

What We Do

While many college advising services are transactional, limiting their work to test preparation or essay writing, we realize that college is just one step towards a journey into young adulthood. We want our CollegeThinkers to be well prepared for college, but we also want them to be stronger leaders and better people as they prepare to make a positive impact on our world. We created the Cycle of our Thinkers so that you can see the characteristics that we hope our students will develop during our time together.

Our Difference

Our difference is our focal point. Many who are applying to college are focused on getting in. We want our students to celebrate their uniqueness and to be unabashedly authentic. Instead of thinking about what colleges want to see, we want to contribute to the holistic development of our students and the present those mature, prepared people to colleges for consideration.

Meet Our Thinkers

William Arthur Ward once said, “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” Our team is dedicated to inspiring students to be authentic and courageous as they search for the right college match and fit. The dynamic team at CollegeThoughts brings a wealth of college advising and test preparation experience from educators with more than 20 years in the classroom to college students from elite colleges and universities. The diverse range of talents among our staff members allows us to find the right person to assist you through the college process in a professional and honest way.

Our college student consultants attend some of the top colleges in the country and are able to provide excellent near-peer college advising for a lower cost. Our staff members bring their varied teaching experiences to the process. And between those groups, we are able to create solutions for a wide variety of scenarios as we work towards helping good students to attend great places. We are proud to introduce you to our amazing team.

Professional Consultants & Staff

Lily Katz

Lead College Advisor and COO

After spending ten years in the classroom, Lily Katz transitioned to the CollegeThoughts team full time in June of 2019. She attended Alfred University where she earned degrees in English, Theatre, and secondary education and obtained an M.Ed from Arcadia University. She’s a sought-after presenter who knows how to help students navigate the process and build toward success.

Kimberly Rouse

Senior College Advisor/Communications Assistant

Kim Rouse is a graduate of the University of Rochester Class of 2017, where she matriculated with a Bachelor of Arts degree. While there, she worked in the admissions office as a tour guide, escorting prospective families around the school and helping them decide if it was the right fit. After graduating college, she joined the CollegeThoughts team and truly found her calling here. She finds joy in helping students discover the wonder in learning and specializes in mathematics in addition to guiding students through the college application process.

Martina Boyd

Senior College Advisor

As a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and Phillips Exeter Academy, Martina understands the intricacies of applying to and navigating within selective schools. For over a decade, she has honed her skill into actionable steps and helped hundreds nationwide. Martina loves empowering students so that they have confidence throughout the application process. If you are seeking an explorative, strategic, and thoughtful approach to College Admissions, let Martina guide you.

Rebecca Latoff

Senior College Advisor

Rebecca studied both Classics and English at Kenyon College. Since then, she has guided several classes through the college application process with CollegeThoughts and takes pride in the students they have become. She loves helping students create an application that makes them shine.

Wesley Rouse

Senior College Advisor

Meet Wesley Rouse, a former mathematics teacher with the Wallingford-Swarthmore School District, whose illustrious teaching career spanned three decades of dedicated service illuminating the minds of countless students. He earned a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics from Hampton University in 1986, and a Master's degree in Education from Drexel University in 2001, and is passionate about working with young people to help them realize their potential. Though now retired from teaching, Wes maintains his vigor for working with young people as a part of the CollegeThoughts family.

Ivonne Simms

Senior College Advisor

Throughout Ivonne’s career, she has been motivated by helping people take advantage of opportunities to grow through education and training. From her days as an undergraduate at Boston University tutoring for Upward Bound, to teaching Middle School Math in Brooklyn, NY, Ivonne has always enjoyed using her humor and energy to make learning fun. After earning her Masters from Baruch College, Ivonne worked in Educational Access and Higher Education providing more insight into the pathways all students can use to accomplish their goals.

Isabella Trauttmansdorff

Senior College Advisor

After earning her MA (University of Pennsylvania) and BA (Wellesley College), Isabella managed student services and secondary school admissions and placement for two national education access organizations. She has logged visits to 200+ colleges and independent schools, and enjoys helping students and families through many different kinds of admissions mazes all across the country.

Abby Pompee

College Advisor

Abby is a Brown University graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Cognitive Neuroscience. Her close proximity to the college process allows her to connect and empathize with students, understanding firsthand the challenges and dedication required. Abby's warm and motivational approach empowers students to successfully navigate the high school to college journey.

Corrie Stango

College Advisor

After spending 12 years in the classroom as a high school English teacher, Corrie ventured into professional writing and editing only to return to her true love: helping high school students better themselves. CollegeThoughts has given her the opportunity to do just that, particularly in a way that is truly individualistic. Corrie has a B.S.Ed. in English as well as an M.Ed. and especially loves the college essay process. She looks forward to working with families as they make discoveries about what lies ahead.

Anne Shields

Next Steps Advisor

Anne Shields, a certified career and life coach, has 35+ years of career coaching experience with students and alumni at nationally ranked colleges. She will tailor her work to meet your student’s needs in the way she has previously coached thousands of students–helping them choose a major, explore career interests, choose and land internships and jobs, and decide when/if graduate school is the next best step.

Associate College Advisors

Niara Urquhart

Niara is a senior at the University of Pennsylvania double-majoring in East Asian studies and the History of Public Health. Education and achieving success through leading a balanced lifestyle are two things that have always been important to her. As an Associate College Advisor, Niara is excited to use her knowledge and experiences to help other students achieve their own success.

Leo Melton

Leo recently graduated from Episcopal High School as a member of the class of 2024. He will attend Stanford University to earn his undergraduate degree, where he hopes to study computer science. Throughout his life, he has found joy in teaching his peers and helping them achieve their goals. He is excited to continue doing so as an Associate College Advisor.

About Keith

Adversity sets the atmosphere for miracles to happen. My greatest experience with adversity was my own path to college. Born to one parent who did not finish high school and another parent who completed one year of college, the path to Princeton wasn’t easy. Were it not for lessons in grit taught at home, a very concerned college counseling team and the support of a college access coordinator, my dreams of attending a top college would have never come true. Even on the day of my high school graduation, my sickly father, recovering from a five-artery bypass surgery, would miss my valedictory. But even though my parents didn’t have expertise to share regarding the college process, they taught me that I was the standard by which I was being measured and that moving forward towards greatness was the only acceptable outcome. Now, as an expert advising others towards applying, I continue to share their layman’s counsel. It’s some of the best I’ve ever been given.

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