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$1,500 each series (10 sessions)

At CollegeThoughts, we offer two different study skills programs. One for general study skills and one that has a stronger focus on math. We are running a special where you can save 10% if the student does both series!

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General Study Skills

Solid study skills and work habits will distinguish a smart student from one who actually excels in high school, college and beyond. The program will include:

Discover Learning Style (Tools)
S.M.A.R.T. Goal-setting
The Art of Learning
Executive Functioning 101
Asking for Help/Self-Advocacy
Managing Stress/Mental Health
General Problem Solving
Reading is Fundamental
Test-taking Skills

Math Study Skills

This math curriculum strengthens comprehension and ability. Through hands-on activities and exercises, our curriculum aims to instll confidence in your student. This program will include:

Math Vocabulary
Order of Operations
Fractions and Decimals
Ratios and Rates
Linear Equations
Solving Equations
Linear Systems

Ongoing Special

Get 10% off if student does both series!

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