What Do I Do Now?

Is Your Student Stressed About Their "What's Next?"

Our Compass Program guides students to clarity and increased self-confidence.

If your high school or college student is feeling overwhelmed or unsure about their future career path, The Compass Program is a highly individualized, structured experience designed to point and move students toward a career direction that best fits who they are.

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Here's How it Works

  1. In-Depth Assessment: Your student completes a research-based assessment providing a detailed snapshot of their abilities, preferences, and personality. It's more than a simple quiz; it analyzes 900 data points to generate a list of 100 "best-fit" careers.
  2. Personalized Coaching:Our experienced career coach helps your student interpret their results, narrowing down the options to a “top 10” list. Together, they'll explore these careers, and your student will learn how to gather career information effectively and connect with professionals (network) for valuable insights.
  3. Focused Action Plan: We create a clear, actionable plan for continued exploration and decision-making. This includes setting goals, scheduling informational interviews, and exploring extracurricular and educational experiences to give more depth to their knowledge.

Beyond the Career Path

The Compass Program is about more than just finding a job. It's about empowering your child to:

  • Build Self-Confidence: They'll learn to articulate their skills and values, reducing the stress of "what's next."
  • Develop Decision-Making Skills: They'll gain the ability to research, analyze, and make informed choices about their future.
  • Gain Related Experience: They’ll discover how to deepen their knowledge about the most interesting fields though community service, leadership roles, extracurricular activities, educational programs, and networking.

Your investment in The Compass Program is an investment in your student’s future. Let us help them build the compass to guide their career navigation now, through college, and beyond.

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The Real World 101

After matriculating at the school of your choice, the question of what comes next begins to arise more often. Anne Shields, our Next Steps Advisor, has a ten-lesson program that allows students in the late stages of high school or in college to explore the path from an undergraduate experience to the best fit career for you.

Here's a breakdown of the ten sessions in the series:

  1. Welcome and introductions – explanation of the process and how we’ll work together.
  2. The structured interview. Get to know yourself on a deeper level.
  3. Values - Career and personal; motivators
  4. Introduce the Purpose and Passions Synthesis Statement; introduce Holland Code and Grit scale.
  5. Review and discuss the MBTI; summarize self-discoveries thus far, Q&A as needed.
  6. Review of Career Matches - help the student interpret their results and explore potential career matches based on their unique profile.
  7. Complete Career Exploration Worksheet, draft goal setting and action planning
  8. Introduce and practice asking for, arranging, conducting, and following up information interviews.
  9. Finalize Goal Setting and Action plan and commit to completing one item for homework.
  10. Parent/student meeting and wrap up.

Each of these sessions is $150 for a total of $1500 plus a $300 charge for access to the Greenwood System as they provide the curriculum for the program.

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