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Below you will find an overview of the CollegeThoughts Premium program. Each step in the process has been developed to give your child the greatest chance of success. Our holistic approach looks at the entire life of your student from the beginning of the high school experience and does not stop once they reach college. And while the recommended program is outlined, we can customize it to meet the needs of individual students. Please review the program overview below and feel free to contact us for more information or with questions.

Middle School

(meeting recommendations may vary)

  • Summer Reading recommendations
  • Choosing the right college preparatory high school (including private school placement)
  • SSAT/ISEE/HSPT/PSSA preparation
  • Campus visits and interviews
  • Preparing for high school
  • Finding Your Voice – introduction to self-advocacy

9th Grade

(monthly meetings recommended)

  • Self-Advocacy
  • Who’s On Your Board – Lessons in Self-Governance
  • Why Vowels Beat Consonants
  • Bringing Your Teachers on Your Team
  • Fitting in and Standing Out – High School Adjustment
  • Exposure – Developing the Big Picture
  • Surviving vs. Thriving – using resources to avoid struggle

10th Grade

(meeting twice a month recommended)

  • Positioning for Leadership
  • Reviewing PSAT/PLAN results – why the PSAT/PLAN matters
  • Taking advanced classes – how rigor impacts the process
  • Doing good while doing well – why service matters
  • Planning for a successful summer

11th Grade

(meeting weekly recommended)

  • Time to Shine – why junior year matters most
  • Avoiding Burnout – how to know when you are overdoing it
  • Preparing for the PSAT/SAT/ACT
  • Match and Fit – Finding the Right College for you
  • Getting the most out of college visits
  • Writing an authentic, personal college essay

12th Grade

(meeting twice a month recommended)

  • Early Applications – are they right for you?
  • Senior Year Testing – is it necessary?
  • Impactful interview skills
  • Completing the Common Application
  • Managing in 3D – Details, Deadlines and Deposits
  • Choosing the Right Recommenders
  • Applying for Financial Aid – FAFSA, PROFILE and other applications

College - Freshman

(meeting monthly recommended)

  • The College transition – positioning yourself for success
  • Roommates 101
  • Independence vs. Isolation – why going it alone doesn’t work
  • Maximizing Office Hours
  • Getting involved without getting overwhelmed
  • Avoiding the credit card trap
  • The Freshman 15
  • Managing Debt – How to keep college loans under control

College - Sophomore

(meeting monthly recommended)

  • Thinking ahead – how to begin preparing for graduate/professional school
  • Internships vs. Jobs – what’s best during collegiate summers
  • Using Career Services
  • Connecting with Alumni – Why Networking Matters
  • Preparing for graduate school testing (GRE, LSAT, MCAT and more)

Start Early

Everyone has to go through a very similar list of challenges to reach the college of their dreams, but all of those things don’t have to be done during your senior year. As you move closer to matriculation, the number of great coaches available and the amount of time that you have remaining starts to narrow. Starting the college process earlier allows you more time to develop into the best student and person that you can be and then to present your best self to colleges.

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The Price of Success

Costs vary according to the level of experience of the coach. CollegeThoughts has a team of very qualified educators. You can learn more about them on our About Page. Our near-peer advisors are college students who attend one of the country’s top 25 colleges and they provide a younger perspective that is more relatable under the direction of our adult staff for $100/hr. Our college advisers are educators with years of experience who love helping students reach their full potential for which we charge $150/hr. Our Lead Adviser, who is responsible for training the advising team, charges $200/hr. And working with Keith, our founder, costs $250/hr.

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