CollegeThoughts uses a proprietary methodology developed through 20 years of working to assist the target demographic, combining lessons in test preparation, application coaching and mental toughness to cause students to see that they have the capacity and grit to matriculate at top colleges. Our holistic approach looks at the entire life of the student, helping each to create the proper narrative to effectively tell their story.
We increase access by giving essential advice about finding the right places to apply, creating a concentrated framework for the application work, and then constructing the best package for admission for each student. Our students have attended all eight Ivy League schools and a host of other selective colleges nationwide. And without having to purchase a comprehensive package of services, you can determine which of our services you would like to engage to make an impact on your process. Our focus is all on YOU!


With a team that has over 30 years combined experience partnering with independent private and select public schools across the country and coaching talented students to embrace and celebrate their individual greatness and collective impact, CollegeThoughts is taking a new look at the complexity of applying to college.  Our student-minded team is dedicated to demystifying the process, making the process more of a personal exploration than a stress-inducing enigma.  And with team members hailing from places like Princeton, University of Chicago, Wellesley, Stanford and Columbia, we know the world of elite schools intimately.  We aid students in the following ways…


Everyone doesn’t need the same amount of assistance to prepare for college standardized testing. We will create a testing solution that addresses your needs. We help students prepare for the SAT, ACT and SAT Subject Tests and you can sign up to access online practice tests, work with a tutor online or over the phone to ask questions and get more direct feedback or even get one-on-one assistance in your home in the tri-state area (Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware).
We know that you have most of the information that you need to know to get a great test score so our system will help you to understand the root of your testing challenges, including attention gaps, anxiety, fatigue and more.


Using the new counselor feature of the Common Application, our counselors can gain access to your profile so that we can review your application, proofread for simple errors and make suggestions for adjustments that may make a stronger presentation of your story. Students are encouraged to consider how each individual answer – every activity, short answer question or additional item – contributes to the overall story that the application is attempting to tell.


Our team has over twenty-five years of experience helping students gain admission to independent day and boarding schools across the United States. We can help you to strategize for a successful application process to private schools that best match what your family is looking for, helping you write effective essays for your applications, answer interview questions in memorable ways and to set yourself apart from other applicants in the pool. We can also help you choose which standardized test will be best for you to take and to navigate the daunting process of securing financial aid.


Keith, our founder, was told not to apply to Princeton because no one from his high school matriculated there in 20 years. Students are often illogically dissuaded from applying to elite schools, but we help students to take calculated risks and find the best college fit. Instead of starting from the perspective of what colleges are looking for, we concentrate on what you are thinking and help you to create a college list that will be a good fit for you and your goals. We can be a sounding board for a list that have already started to develop or help you to build a list if you just aren’t sure where to begin.


One of our students was admitted to Yale by writing about her first kiss and another to the University of Pennsylvania by writing about her favorite ice cream flavors. Students are often seeking to write the most unique essay possible, but we believe that the easiest way to do that is to tell your own story. Using our unique brainstorming exercise, we will find out the pieces of your story that colleges will be most interested in learning more about and help you to construct essays that will stand out from the pack. Our counselors will help you refine your essays without changing your personal voice. And, most importantly, our students are taught to use application essays to tell their own stories without apology. We can’t wait to start working on building yours!