Are You On The Path For College Success?

We have created a quiz to help prospective students and families think about where they are in their college readiness journey and how CollegeThoughts might be able to assist. Please respond to each of the statements below to tell us if this is definitely you or not you at all. Based on your answers, a member of our team will reach out to you to recommend next steps.

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1. I find the college application process stressful.*
2. It seems challenging to determine which colleges will be the best match and fit for my needs.*
3. I am struggling to identify how to set myself up for success in schools as a freshman or sophomore.*
4. It is a mystery figuring out what to do to make yourself a strong candidate for my top choice schools.*
5. I am overwhelmed by trying to improve my SAT or ACT scores.*
6. I have been going in circles trying to find a unique topic for my college essay.*
7. I am afraid I won't stand out in my college interviews.*
8. I have had trouble getting the most out of college visits and tours.*
9. I am overwhelmed at the thought of what to complete first or when to get started.*
10. I wish I had someone who could cater this process to fit my personal needs.*
EC. I'm ready to start thinking CollegeThoughts*

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