The college application process is misery for many instead of the time for self-discovery and exploration that it has the potential to be.  Tests change and application numbers and standards climb each year.  By pinpointing students’ insecurities, from circumstances real or imagined, we help them move beyond those barriers by changing their perspective.  We would love to work with your school or program to help your student think differently about the college process through…


The senior team members of the CollegeThoughts team have worked with more than 200 schools, private and public, from California to Maine.  Sought-after presenters, team members know how to convey critical information about the college process to students in ways that are both impactful and fun.  Workshops can be designed to fit your school’s individual needs so that you can supplement the work that you are already doing around the college process and increase the number of students that are gaining admission to top schools.  So what are you waiting for?  Contact us today to find out how you can get more information about…


Our SAT Crash Courses is a dynamic five-hour program that give an overview of all of the things that you need to know to prepare for the SAT.  This fast-paced class teaches students the style of thinking necessary to master the test, reviews the most important concepts that students need to know and is so interactive that students barely notice how quickly they are learning.  The class is split into two 2.5 hours sessions and up to thirty students can be enrolled in each session.  A student who takes careful notes and has the discipline to self-study can learn everything that they need to get a top score in this class.


Writing a memorable college essay is one of the most challenging aspects of the college application process.  While we do work with students individually to create great essays, we can also come to your location and conduct a one-day workshop on college essay writing to help your student group get a jumpstart on writing their personal statements.   We will help students to brainstorm their topics and then use a series of interactive activities to help students work together to develop drafts of their essays.  Workshops are three-hours on average and are limited to twenty students per sessions.


Unfortunately, Keith first learned about his eventual alma mater, Princeton, from reading a t-shirt at Macy’s. No high potential student should be subject to learning about top colleges in this way.  He remembers being a student in the Philadelphia public school system who was ranked #1 in the class with no sense what an Ivy League school was.  You can’t dream about anything that you’ve never seen before and he couldn’t think broadly about his college application process because he didn’t have the necessary exposure.  He needed help.
Keith has seen the systemic challenges and wants to level the playing field for students like himself.  Often, even college educated parents don’t understand how the process has changed since they applied – from the format shifts in the SAT every 10 years, to the increasing numbers of applicants and applications each year.  The process doesn’t have to be as stressful as advertised and, with our help, applicants will understand how to steer the process towards the best college fit.  For your College Night, parent meeting or student event, Keith can come and share his amazing story and the secrets that he has learned that can help your students to succeed in their own college processes. 


We are happy to come and meet with your team to talk about the changing landscape of the college admission process and what you can do to motivate and empower your students to enjoy the journey.  Invite us to your next faculty meeting or staff retreat so that we can be a part of the conversation on how to help relieve student stress and increase student success.